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education is freedom.|financial education is power.

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Empower hispanic individuals to lead better lives. Become a Compadre

Qualitas of Life Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides basic financial education to Hispanic individuals and their families in New York, in order to foster their financial security and improve their standard of living.

Compadre is Qualitas of life's monthly supporter program. By becoming a Compadre you will help the organization bring financial education programs that will empower the Hispanic community to lead better lives

Just take a minute and think, for less than 1 dollar a day, do I have the power to help someone else achieve a better way of life?


$60 Per month each year, You will sponsor TWO participants for the 8 session workshop.


$120 Per month each year, You will sponsor FOUR participants for the 8 session workshop.


$240 Per month each year, You will sponsor EIGHT participants for the 8 session workshop.

Qualitas of Life Foundation

$60.00 Membership

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8 Session Workshop: An Intensive workshop that provides in depth discussions of 7 financial topics.
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Our participants improve their lives and those of the people in their communities by learning how to manage their income. These are some of the things they learn:

"Financial literacy could mean more than just a hot meal, and a roof where to live, it could be the beginning of a bright future for generations to come". Isabel Cuyás

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In 1:30 minutes, learn how together we can help the hispanic community. Watch video.

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Qualitas of Life Foundation
1155 Avenue of the Americas
Suite 1906
New York, NY 10036

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