One Amazing Keeper. Every Single Weekday.

Hi! We are Slate.

The most effortlessly elegant way to keep your home clean every weekday.

We come to your home for about an hour every weekday to keep it in a permanent state of cleanliness so you can truly relax when you walk in the door. We make beds, take out trash, wash dishes, clean every room, do your laundry and return it to your closet.

The vast majority of people who hear this say, “Wow, that’s amazing. Sign me up!” If you’re one of them, please step this way.

Build your perfect combination of visit frequency and duration. Skip days, pause weeks and cancel easily at any time. Rates start at $30/hour.

Stop booking a stranger. Start loving your Keeper.

Let's do this together.

Housekeeper NYC
You tell us when to be there.

We'll pair you with an amazing Keeper.

Other cleaning services usher a rotating cast of strangers into your home, leaving your favorite mug in a new hiding spot after every visit. Slate is the only service that pairs you with one amazing Keeper™ who will learn your personal preferences and earn your trust.

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You tell us what you want.

We make sure it gets done right.

We’ve built a smart task-management infrastructure that makes it easy for you to ensure everything gets done the way you want. You can do this with our iPhone app or on Slack, or we can stop by your home and do it with you to start. If your Keeper is more comfortable communicating in another language, we’ll translate for you — just jot down the tasks you want your Keeper to check off and our technology makes sure it gets done. You'll get quick, useful updates on your phone (and via Slack).

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House cleaning NYC
NextGen Framework
You tell us how we're doing.

We only get better.

Great relationships are all about communication. Every week we check in with all our users to hear what we can do better next week. Then we share what we learn with all our Keepers — so your Keeper is continually learning not just from you but from every other Slate user, too.

You could be saying this right now:

Heath M.

The Village

How would you describe Slate to a friend at a dinner table?

Its like a hotel maid service

In five words or less, how is your life better by using slate?

I have to deal with my daily living tasks less

When you were considering signing up, did you have any hesitations? How did you overcome them?

The cost and if it was necessary

How were you keeping your home clean before Slate? What was not working well?

Cleaner coming every week or 2

What are the two most important things your Keeper does every day?

makes the bed and neatens up

How would you sell Slate to someone who is on the fence?

It saves me my valuable time

Build your perfect combination of visit frequency and duration. Skip days, pause weeks and cancel easily at any time. Rates start at $30/hour.


  • Do I provide cleaning supplies?

    Yep. Most people want to use their own products, but we can help keep your supplies stocked in two ways: First, we have a cleaning-kit shopping list to get you started. Second, all our Keepers are trained in using the Amazon Dash wand, so if you want they can scan supplies when you run low and you can reorder whenever you’re ready.

  • What will you do each day?

    In the first 15 minutes of every day we'll do the same tasks: make beds, tidy up the living room, wash dishes, put clothes away. Then we'll focus on a different area of your home each day — for example, one day we'll deep-clean the kitchen, another day the bathroom, and so on. You can remove any of these default tasks and add custom tasks of your own. Maybe you don't cook often but try on clothes a lot, so we'll focus on putting clothes away in the right place rather than cleaning the kitchen. Whether you prefer to be totally hands-off or have a very clear idea of which tasks need to be done, we can customize our service for you.

  • How much and when do I pay?

    When you sign up you'll build your service to fit your budget based on a combination of how often we come and how long we stay each time. If you added any tasks that took longer than what you originally booked for in the week, we'll just add it to your next charge. For example, if your service is 1 hour a day, 5 days a week but you requested additional tasks one day that required another hour, that extra hour will appear on your next invoice. We’ll remind you of this when you add new tasks, so you’ll always know what to expect.

  • Who are your Keepers?

    Our Keepers are the most hardworking, dedicated, loyal, kind people you could ever want to take care of your home. We tend to hire for character rather than experience; it's much easier to teach someone how to make a bed than to teach someone how to be proactive, friendly and courteous. We then help each fantastic person become an amazing Keeper through an in-depth two-week training program we developed.

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Build your perfect combination of visit frequency and duration. Skip days, pause weeks and cancel easily at any time. Rates start at $30/hour.